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Liberty syning

Solgt - Liberty box taske syet i quiltet stof  - PEACH BLOOM 04775626Y

Solgt - Liberty box taske syet i quiltet stof - PEACH BLOOM 04775626Y

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Box taske syet i liberty quilting cotton.

Tasken har en kraftig YKK lynlås i offwhite

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Minimum antal for denne vare er 25.

Du køber stoffet i centimeter:

Hvis du bestiller: 

25 = køber du 25 centimeter
50 = køber du 50 centimeter / en halv meter
100 = køber du 100 centimeter / en meter 
114= køber du 114 centimeter / en meter og 14 centimeter 
200 = køber du 200 centimeter / 2 meter 

Salget af quilting stoffet er minimum 25 centimeter.


The Orchard Garden

The orchard garden collection takes inspiration from the royal gardens of England. 
The journey starts by walking through the tall ornately gilded iron gates, drifting into the impressive floral gardens 
filled with an array of fruit laden trees and sumptuous path lined orchards. 
Wandering through the rows of preened trees with singing wildlife hidden within the emerald green leaves and primula blossom flora. 
We gathered various artworks from our extensive archive to produce this journey through the gardens. 
Various different painting mediums and techniques were used including gouache and fineliner drawings. 

The colour stories were a direct inspiration from the warm summer days and brisk autumn evenings. 

With deep berry shades, and soft pumpkin hues which sit perfectly against the deep emerald foliage. 
The blues within the palette are inspired by the bright blue skies, and lakes found nestled into the gardens centre. 

The base quality ‘Lasenby’ Cotton is 100% cotton specifically woven with sewers in mind. 

110 cm wide. 
Box taske 04775626Y Koral, blå & grøn


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